I was commissioned by Safe Space Fitness Founder Hayley to create a logo and brand identity for her online fitness community, focusing on mental health and fitness. They are doing some really cool things to raise awareness about the importance of fitness for mental health, providing a community of support and encouragement.

Hayley's concept was of a brain character, to symbolise mental health, in fitness gear.  I was given a lot of freedom to bring this concept to life in my own unique way, and had and absolute blast creating this little brain dude! The logo is now used across official merchandise for the community, as pictured below.

'These are awesome!!! Better than I could have thought. So impressed by how you can take such a small brief and smash it every time! It's more than fulfilled my vision' - Hayley

The brain character was created and drawn in Procreate on the iPad Pro and the final design was made in Adobe Illustrator.

Please go check out their Instagram page, support and follow to keep up with what is going on within this brand new community: